The Band

From 2012 to 2013, Jo (Guitar player) spent most of his time composing Heavy Metal oriented songs in order to focus on future album. Loic (Drum player) joins him rapidly in order to put everything up together. Tired of facing non motivated other musicians not responding to their criteria, they put their project on hold

During second semester of 2016 they decided to start back again. In few weeks, Guillaume (Bass player), Chris (Guitar player) and finally Ben (singer), fulfilled their expectations

Reunited by the same influences (such as Alter Bridge, Creed, Iron Maiden or Guns n’Roses) the whole band is working on existing Jo’s first masterpieces in order for each one of them to bring its own influence and get to a real identity

Based on a real experience (Icarus-Tribute to Iron Maiden for Chris & Guillaume, Dustrigger for Ben, Big Rush for Jo and A Sacris for Loïc), Bad Whispers offers a powerful and melodic Heavy Metal, accompanied by texts in English enhanced by lines of melodious vocals

Ben - Singing

Jo - Guitar/Choirs

Chris - Guitar

Guillaume - Bass/Choirs

Loïc - Drum